Let's Get Rolling.

I have been toying with the idea of posting my thoughts and discoveries for many years now. I have never really had the time or the guts to do it. Until recently, I have been content just doing what I do and sharing my skills with my friends and coworkers.

Lately, I have found myself wishing i had written things down. There are so many fine details in any technical job it begins to get difficult to keep everything organized and clear in your mind.

This has driven me to start this blog. I do not have any content yet. I will not promise any content soon. This blog is mostly for myself: to catalog my thoughts and share ideas with people that ask.

Who am I?

Well, let us keep it superficial for now. I am a software engineer. I write code because I enjoy and people pay me to. It's a pretty good situation and I feel very lucky to do something I enjoy to provide for my family. I spend time as far away from the user interface as possible, unless my user lives in bash. I am of the firm opinion that your really only need 2 program languages to solve most real world software problems, C and Python.

That is all for now.